Flush Fit Wall Mount

The Recessed WallPro is designed to be set into a wall cavity providing a discrete method of restricting access to corridors. The unit’s face plate fits flush to the wall and can be powder coated to suit any décor.

The Recessed WallPro is available in four belt lengths up to 4.6m and can be ordered with either the standard 50mm wide belt or the 75mm Xtra belt. The Xtra model's 50% wider belt is strongly recommended for printed safety messages as the large print size greatly increases the visibility of the text.

Receiver Clip Included

Height: 130mm
Width: 98mm
Depth: 108mm
Weight 0.5kg
Belt Widths: 50mm and 75mm Xtra
Belt Lengths: 2.3m / 3m / 3.9m / 4.6mm

Belt End Options

Housing Colours

Belt Colors

Diagonal Stripes
Horizontal Stripes

Print Messages

50mm Belt Messages

75mm Belt Messages

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