Retractable Belt Stanchions and Sales

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Retractable Belt Stanchions and Sales

Signages, Custom Signs, and Impulse Sales

The power of impulse selling is well understood in the retail industry. Most stores give some thought to capturing impulse sales which help boost basket size, things like signages, and custom signs, and signage holders are often overlooked. In many cases the favored impulse sales location is the checkout, the problem is that customers at the checkout are busy, feel under pressure from the people behind, and often give no thought to making an additional purchase.

People standing in the line, however, are idle and are very ready to engage with anything that will provide stimulus (ever see people in a supermarket checkout line treating the magazine rack as a library?).and this creates the ideal selling environment.

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The Stats

Experience across many different retail formats shows that up to 10% of customers will make a purchase of items merchandized in the checkout line. There are no other locations in a store where 10 % of all customers will make a purchase. We usually find that sales of items merchandised in the queue increase by 25-40% and in some cases much higher than that.

The Queue

Apart from driving sales revenue from what was previously dead floor space, merchandizing the queue has a secondary but quite important advantage.

Professor David Maister of Harvard Business School in his seminal paper The Psychology of Waiting Lines notes that “occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time”, which is why waiting rooms typically have magazines and televisions.

Providing merchandise in the queue not only increases sales but provides something to engage waiting customers making the wait seem shorter.

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Queue Merchandizing

Queue Solutions has developed an extensive range of merchandizing fixtures and signages specifically designed for the queue environment. These are low cost, portable, simple to install, and can be used with existing queuing barriers. Call us today to find out more.

In our next blog we will discuss why fixtures and signages specifically designed for the queue generate a much better result than using regular store fixtures.

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