Affordable Twin Belts

The QueueMaster Twin is an affordable option for providing maximum control of the customer queue. The lower belt restricts pedestrians from ducking under the belt, helps keep children in line and provides guidance for the visually impaired using a cane. 

This product features a unique two piece post construction which allows the lower belt mechanism to be easily replaced in the field. The Xtra model features a 50% wider belt making a more visible barrier and giving much greater impact to printed logos and messages.

Height: 1015mm
Weight: 9.5kg
Post Diameter: 64mm
Base Diameter:: 355mm
Belt Width: 50mm and 75mm Xtra
Belt Length: 2.9m / 3.4m / 3.9m


Easy Replacement Of Lower Belt

Full Circumference Floor Protector

Xtra Wide Belt Option

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