Queue Merchandising 

Our Merchandising Panel system is the first product designed to fit any brand existing barrier greatly reducing the cost of merchandising the customer queue. The system is modular and simple to install requiring only an allen key (supplied) which enables non skilled staff to easily handle set up.

   System Components

   Simple Assembly

The core of the system is our unique Post Collar which attaches to any brand of belt barrier using the allen key provided. The panel is then be slotted into the bottom collars without the need to lift it above the post. 

Once located in the lower collars the panel is simply pivoted to vertical and secured by attaching top collars. Total installation time is about 5 minutes. Panels can be connected at right angles and multiple panels can be connected to create a run of any size.


Slant Wire Shelves

W1220mm x D230mm
W1220mm x D305mm

Slant Basket

W560mm x D300mm

Scan Hooks


Acrylic Pocket

Divided Tray

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