Maximum Access Control

The WallMaster Twin is a wall mounted retracting belt barrier featuring a unique Twin Belt configuration. Two belts increase the visibility of the barrier and restrict pedestrians from ducking under the belt. 

The single piece construction has a lower cost than two individual wall mounts and is easier to install. This unit is available in four belt lengths and a wide range of stock belt colours and safety messages, the belts can also be custom printed to your design.

Two Receiver Clips Included

Height: 405mm
Width: 115mm
Depth: 90mm
Weight 1.6kg
Belt Width: 50mm
Belt Length: 2.3m / 3m / 3.9m / 4.6m

Belt End Options

Mounting Options

Housing Colours

Belt Colors

Diagonal Stripes
Horizontal Stripes

Print Messages

50mm Belt Messages

75mm Belt Messages

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